K-Pop Music Obsession Right After The Lockdown

I was never really into the music of other languages simply because I don’t understand every single word on their lyrics. As much as possible, I want to listen to music that I can relate to. That is why I often play The Carpenters and The Cranberries songs because I feel like their songs are written just for me. Their songs inspire me to understand my life and everything in it. But after this whole home quarantine started, I figured that I might actually have a taste for K-pop music.

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Where It All Started

It is not that I hate K-Pop songs, but I don’t entirely recommend them before to my friends. The music is so techno, and the beats are redundant for most of the Korean songs. I find it loud and unpleasant to listen to. But one time, my sister played a Korean song “Psycho” by Red Velvet. I quickly got the LSS with the song because of the R&B-like rhythm of the music. At first, I thought it was an American composition. The chorus goes something like this “You got me feeling like a psycho,” so I instantly got caught up into it. When I asked her about that song, she said it was K-Pop. I was hesitant to continue asking her about it, but I thought maybe it is worth a shot to listen to it since I am already hooked up on some of the few lines of the song. Then, that’s it. I began playing the song entirely the whole day.

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After that, I began searching for more Korean songs, and that is where I discovered Twice’s. Right now, they are the third K-pop girl groups that I like. I love all of their songs and music videos, especially the 2nd to the last released song, “Fancy.” I find them cute and lovely that even watching them brings happiness and smiles to my face. I also watched the Korean entertainment show where they all auditioned to become a Twice member. I loved all the episodes, and I rooted for all of them to win. Though that is entirely what happened, and they already formed the girl group.

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So after a couple of days of being stuck with Twice’s songs, my sister introduced me to BlankPink. Crap! These girls are badass, like literally. I recently read an article that this girl group performed in Coachella with other world-known artists, such as Beyonce. My goodness, they pulled it off. That is where I got hooked and listen to all their songs. There was this one time I had to play all their songs and listened to it non-stop for two days. I don’t know. I just felt like I wanted to hear their songs because it makes me want to dance and jive with the beat. That is, although I don’t entirely understand what the hell they are saying.

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So I was feeling like a Twice and BlackPink music lover. I told myself I should stop there because I pretty much understand now the distinguishing music of Asian songs. But it didn’t stop there. I began to notice BTS. Yes, I heard a lot about them, but I was not that interested in getting myself acquainted with any Korean songs before. But damn these boys! They took my K-Pop obsession to the next level. I began downloading their songs on my phone and used it as ringtones. I even used some of their photos as my laptop and cell phone’s wall covers. I also bought some collectibles and pictures of them. I watched their concerts on YouTube. I even viewed their videos and clips more than a hundred times.

I must say, the great thing about the lockdown for me is getting to know K-Pop and used it as a stress-reliever.…

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My Music Therapy: Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next

I was a tag along during the 2019 Music Therapy Conference. The music therapist was my best friend, Gigi, and not me. I am a skin care consultant, and because I owed Gigi my time, she asked me to accompany her to this conference. At first, I was bummed out when she pulled out the “you-owe-me” card and said, “Come with me to the music conference.” I was like, “What??? Seriously? What am I going to do there?” When she said that she just needed my presence, I understood. My oldest and dearest friend needed my support.…

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Things To Do During A Pandemic Quarantine

With the global case of COVID-19, all people around the world are forced to stay at their homes. Well, there is nothing much to do about it because, as of now, that is the only way that keeps us safe from the pandemic. As much as we want to go outside and travel, we need to prioritize our health first. Besides, as optimism gets, there are lots of time to do that once this world health issue is over. But until then, we all have to stay at home and stick together. As for that, here are some of the things we can do during this pandemic quarantine.

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Learn To Cook

With all the busy schedules and less time to spend at home, most of us don’t cook. We go to work and school every day that we find no time to prepare a healthy meal. We are all guilty of indulging in fast foods because they are more accessible and convenient. But since there is a lockdown and we all have to stay at home, it is an excellent time to learn to cook. Not only we get to enhance our skills, but we can also make delicious food.

Learn New Things

It is not too late to learn new things. Given the quarantine situation, we all have lots of time for ourselves to learn something. We can learn to play some instruments and compose music. We can learn to speak a new language, sewing, drawing, dancing, and we can also do speed reading. Honestly, the options are limitless. And the best part of it is that everything is free. You can watch tutorials on YouTube or follow some instructional articles from the web.

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Perhaps this is the most favorite thing that we all want to do. Getting a list of TV series and movies and watching them together with our family secures an enjoyable moment during this lockdown. We can always switch preference and watch documentaries, or listen to podcasts when we got bored with watching the usual. And if we want to have alone time, we can enjoy binge-watching in our room through our smartphones.


Not all people may appreciate the lockdown. However, things can change when we manage to do something productive. One of them is organizing. Admittedly, we all have something in our stuff that needs organization, and this home quarantine is our chance to do that. We can clean our house, rearrange our furniture, fix broken stuff, etc. It can be a fun activity because there is no pressure in doing it. Not only can we keep ourselves busy during the day, but we can also remove stress along the way.

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We can all agree that this is the most beneficial thing to do during this pandemic lockdown. Since we all want to be safe from the virus, exercise can keep us fit and healthy.  No, we don’t need to do some rigorous workouts. As long as we pay attention to our body’s strength, we don’t need to overdo it. Spending a couple of minutes a day performing light to medium exercises is more than enough.

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Meditation is essential, especially in this pandemic situation. There’s a lot of stress and anxiety that can tear down our mental health. We have to find that inner peace within so that we can stay positive despite the crisis. If we try and change our perspective, it would be much easier for us to accept and fight the situation. We have to care more for our emotional and mental health as much as we do to our physical wellbeing.…

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Music Therapy Is Legit

I am delighted to have attended the 2018 Music Therapy Conference at Capilano University. Not many people understand how we, music therapists, can assist clients through music therapy. Those who do not know of its essence laugh at our face and say, “Hey, you’re ripping us off!” But what is music therapy anyway? Can it help a person with his mental health?…

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Sia’s Chandelier Analysis

Before the hit song “Chandelier,” the name Sia was not known. She struggled in pushing her career specifically when her partner died in an accident. She turned to drugs, suffered depression and even planned to commit suicide. The use of drugs and alcohol was her escape. The song “Chandelier” was written during this tumultuous time…

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The Meaning Behind Rihanna’s Unfaithful 

Several songs can put down your souls and lift them up at the same time, and this song has that quality. The song “Unfaithful” is talking about a broken relationship where the girl is cheating on his guy even though she knows that the guy knows about this. In singing this song, Rihanna puts little voice cracks and high pitches that make it more dramatic. She did a fantastic job of interpreting the song. 

“We all know that both sexes are guilty of infidelity and that blame for a broken relationship is not the fault of a gender, but there are several aspects of male infidelity that are more attributable to men then women.” –Katrina Bilhimer, Ma, LMHC

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New Rules: Musical Review


“New Rules” by DuaLipa has been on the majority’s top 10 lists after it was released on August 2017 in the US. Before that, it was released in England as a single in July. It also boosts her career as a singer-composer and includes her in the most searched artist on Spotify. It talks about rules for those who had their breakups. 

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Julia Michaels’ Issues Review

At her very young age, Julia Michaels already wrote several songs for other artists. This includes “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, “Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld, and Ed Sheeran’s recently-released single “Dive.” It was in January of 2017 she released her first single as a signed solo artist under her name. 

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The Hidden Power Of Music

You will agree with me that everyone loves music regardless of race, color, age or gender. One can be observed playing music while driving a car, taking a bath, doing office work and even when sleeping. Music is such a common language that everyone can relate to but will depend on the personal preference of an individual on its genre, singer or words being portrayed by a song. Because of this, singers became one of the highest-paid professions in the world. Do we ask ourselves, “Why is everyone hooked to music?” Does it affect our life or just a plain vice that everyone tends to abuse?…

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