Using Music To Improve Your Behavioral Health? Aim To Have The Best Amplifier For Better Car Audio

Using music to improve your behavioral health is not an uncommon practice. Some individuals who feel too stressed at work tend to plug in their earphones and play their favorite songs to try to cancel out the external noises and calm their thoughts. Others who are either on their way to a nerve-wracking event or leaving a gathering to blow off some steam may listen to music as well, hoping that the sounds will distract them and stop the negative ideas from staying in their head.…

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Music As Your Ally In Your Online Therapy Session

There are different kinds of online therapy sessions depending on a patient’s needs. However, music therapy is catching everyone’s attention because of its light and practical approach.

“Music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program,” said the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA).

How Does Music Therapy Work Online?

There are different approaches to online music therapy. Listed below are some of the activities that the therapist and client do to address music and non-musical goals:

Writing A Song Together

Even if the therapist and the patient are interacting online, it is still possible to write a song together. What most therapists do is to ask the client first what he or she is feeling on that instant. Once they have established this emotion, the therapist then makes him, or her tell a story—a random one. This story will be the foundation for the creation of the song.


What usually happens with writing a song is that the therapists sometimes provide a tempo that they can use. From here, the client inserts lyrics which, as mentioned, will be based on the story presented at the start of the session.

Using Music Playlists

In the online therapy session, the therapist discusses the importance of creating a music playlist that will spark happy memories instead of those songs which hark back to the painful past.

Courtney Armstrong, a well-known music therapist, shared how she was able to get one of her clients through. One time, her client mentioned that he dreads hearing the song “I Dreamed A Dream” from the musical Les Miserables since it reminds him of his dead son. When Courtney asked for his permission to play it in one of their online therapy sessions, he panicked and declined the offer.

From here, Courtney asked his client to create a playlist which will capture the loving relationship he had with his son. He liked the idea, so he collected a few songs from his son’s favorite bands and artists. He then played this playlist in their online therapy while explaining what comes to his mind while playing the song.

Playing Instruments Together

Before the start of the session, the therapist usually asks the person to bring an instrument or sit beside it (if it’s a piano). Afterward, he or she then asks the patient to give an overview of his or her feelings throughout the day or the week. Once the therapist has analyzed what kind of emotions have been going through the client, he or she will then create a music strategy which will cater to the problems.

This music strategy involves choosing a piece that can be of help to the emotional stability of the patient. After selecting a song, the therapist then sends the musical score online so that the client can have a copy and be able to play their instruments together. It is a way for them to relax and reflect on their feelings.

Listening Actively To Music

Listening to music is different from listening actively to music. Listening to music only refers to playing songs in the background while not paying attention to it. On the other hand, listening actively to music involves listening to the lyrics, melody, and harmonies purposely.


Music therapists let their patients listen to a song two times while in session and ask them to share how they connect to the melody and the lyrics itself. It is a way for them to be comfortable with speaking up without having to ask them direct questions.

This approach is also helpful to patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Hearing songs that are familiar to them can trigger their memory.

Benefits Of Music Therapy

Music therapy is a good strategy for online counseling. The good thing with this is that almost anyone can relate to this kind of approach and hence reap its benefits. Here’s what you’ll get once you engage in music therapy.


  • Music helps someone process their emotions. It can make people sad, happy, relaxed, energized, and excited. It is also a way to dig deeper into someone’s feelings.
  • Science has also proven that music helps release mood-enhancing chemicals, such as endorphins and dopamine, into our body. Dopamine is a trigger to pleasure receptors while endorphins are hormones which provide a person a happy state of mind.
  • Music also helps individuals to heal faster physically. It is known to normalize blood pressure and heart rate.

Music therapy may be new to your ears. However, with the rise of a multi-channel approach to treating and healing, it makes sense that creative modalities come into the picture and start gaining traction.…

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The Healing Powers Of Music Therapy

Not too long ago, my brother died and I struggled to find ways to overcome the grief, sadness, and loneliness. Music was among the ways that I got through everyday. At least it helped me express who I really felt when I was alone. Donna Lewis’ Silent World was my constant lullaby – a song that would soothe me and break me at the same time.…

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How Does Music Affect Your Mood?


Have you ever listened to a sad song when you’re heartbroken? How about blasted a jazzy number when you’re feeling upbeat? Most people know that music affects their mood. The question is, how does it do so?…

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Stay Review



Zedd and Alessia Cara have been making waves with their new song Stay. Now, good luck trying to find this generically named song because there were hundreds of other songs that we had to sift through to find it. If you are a fan of Zedd then power to you, but those who hate high pitch noises better be aware. But before we can even start on the musical appeal, we have a music video to get through. Which just like its lyrics leaves much to interpretation due to a lack of depth, but find out what we mean below.…

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Passionfruit Review



Passionfruit, part of Drake’s More Life Album, is a song that tries to push you away in the intro and doesn’t do much better afterward. Just in the intro alone, you will hear the word fuck, and variants of it, a total of six times and that doesn’t even include the word shit. Then it takes a left turn by tossing curse words out the window to just repeating itself, but if you think that we gave the entire song away right now. then let us see how it stands up to our dissection.…

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More Life Analysis


More Life is a Drake album that everyone on the internet wants more of oddly enough. Now if you don’t have to the time to listen to the songs, or if you are on the fence about it, then this article is going to try to give you an overview of sorts on each song. While it will not be a complete dissection of each song, the meaning, musical appeal, and lyrical depth will be discussed on each song. You will never like a song until you listen to yourself, but you will know what the song is about beforehand with the help of this article. Read on if you want some fun-sized bits of Drake hottest album, More Life.…

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I’m The One Review



The chances are that you have heard I’m The One because of just the sheer number of famous artist that DJ Khaled was able to get on this song. Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper, and Quavo are all household names that anyone who listens to music has heard of. Believe it or not, these names are not the reason this song is famous. One look at the video and you will see the most shameless product placement that you have ever seen in your life. Oh, and not just one product, as there are many frames of different product names on display with even some blurred out because they did not fork up the dough but let us dissect this song.…

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DAMN Analysis



There is a phrase that goes that the only way that you must not have heard of this is if you lived under a rock. Kendrick Lamar was able to make an album that twists the phrase. The only way that you might not have heard of this is if you have not been on the internet since April the 7th. The internet has been a buzz, and this article is going to find out why by dissecting his newest album piece by piece. If you are looking for a detailed critic of each song, then look somewhere else as each song will be taken apart for meaning, musical appeal, and lyrical depth. Read on if you want bite-sized bites of Kendrick new album, Damn (correctly written as DAMN):…

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