Julia Michaels’ Issues Review

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At her very young age, Julia Michaels already wrote several songs for other artists. This includes “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, “Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld, and Ed Sheeran’s recently-released single “Dive.” It was in January of 2017 she released her first single as a signed solo artist under her name. 

“Issues” is a very personal song for Julia Michaels that she doesn’t want it performed by other artists. The song is about the problematic trials of loving someone, and being someone who is imperfect. It is a pop ballad with running up and down melodies and candid lyrics.  

I’m jealous, I’m over-zealous when I’m down I get real down, when I’m high I don’t come down. I get angry, baby, believe me, I could love you just like that, and I could leave you just as fast. 

These words portray that some girls can easily get jealous and zealous with small things. It happens especially when they have trust issues with their boyfriends. They get suspicious if their boyfriends have unknown calls and texts that kept hidden to them and most of the time if they talk to other girls. And the worst part of it is that they tend to maintain those emotions for a specified period until they lose their temper.  


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 I got issues, and you got ‘em too, so give ‘em all to me and I’ll give mine to you, bask in the glory of all our problems cause we got the kind of love it takes to solve ‘em. 

The chorus wants us to know that in relationships, both parties have messy stuff in their lives that they to accept and deal with each other in the end. And despite all the jealousy a girl has, they are still confident that these problems will be overcome by them because they have what it takes to work through conflict. 

Yeah, I got issues…. and one of them is how bad I need ya. 

Being jealous is one way to prove if your partner loves you. She will never get jealous if she doesn’t love you. Jealousy is part of one’s relationship and a sign of the genuine love of a partner to the other.  

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 Julia Michaels is a good songwriter who can break through what is ordinary by making songs that are common and relatable and at the same time magical to our ears. The only peculiar thing with “Issues” is that we feel that it is sincere and relatable because it is coming straight from his heart. It was written after she fought with her boyfriend, so she decided that she will be going to sing it by herself. In “Issues,” Michaels depicts the emotions of a relationship that went from the happiest moments until it became the lowest point of a relationship. 

It is an exceptional talent that a songwriter can also deliver her songs very well. Julia Michaels is a rare gem in the music industry that can be the most successful artist in the world.