More Life Analysis


More Life is a Drake album that everyone on the internet wants more of oddly enough. Now if you don’t have to the time to listen to the songs, or if you are on the fence about it, then this article is going to try to give you an overview of sorts on each song. While it will not be a complete dissection of each song, the meaning, musical appeal, and lyrical depth will be discussed on each song. You will never like a song until you listen to yourself, but you will know what the song is about beforehand with the help of this article. Read on if you want some fun-sized bits of Drake hottest album, More Life.


Free Smoke

We start off in the most Drake way as possible which is him firing off a list of achievement. He covers a lot of things that he has done over the years without actually saying anything about these accomplishments. He finally just falls flat by mentioning the ghostwriting scandal at the end. The way to describe the sound in this track is reflective.


No Long Talk

This is a song that features Giggs who does his fair share and manages to do tons better than his big brother. Sadly, a lot of this track is just unforgettable without adding much to the album as a whole. The way to describe the sound in this track is like a chune.


Passion Fruit

If you are looking for a song that people are going to be playing over the summer, then Passion fruit is that to the T. The vibes are mellow and lyrics that do not talk about anything but hey it has that hammock vibe to it. To describe the sounds in this song is smooth.


Jorja Interlude

Hey, remember that song that was by Drake about money and success? Yeah! All fifty-five of them! Well, Jorja Interlude is just that. The response simply being an ‘Oh’ from his fans. Ironically the sounds in this music could be described as proud.


Get It Together

This song features Black Coffee and Jorja Smith. If you are shipping Smith and Drake together, then do not worry because I am too! Very soothing percussion with a vibe that I cannot quite place. This song takes advantage of the fact that you want them together so expect emotional abuse. The sounds in this track are sexy.


Madiba Riddim

Ever heard One Dance? Well, this sounds exactly like it to the T since no one liked views outside of One Dance. Drake is staying in his safe territory about questioning the people around and saying he will put some distance. We all know how this is going to work.



This is a song that pretty much has Drake gets drunk and asking desperately for someone to fuck him. Out of all of the songs, this is one of the few that tries to go outside of Drake safe sound and gets weird. The sounds in this track are drunk as well.



Now to say that this song features Lil Wayne is like saying this song has Drake in it. They both say one line and leave the featuring guest Sampha to do all of the work. The only word I can think to describe the sounds is woozy.


Skepta Interlude

There isn’t much going on here oddly. It is mostly the music video that has anything of value not the music nor the lyrics as they are both mostly about videos games and strip clubs. This song just sounds like it is silly.



2 Chainz and Young Thug are here to help Drake get back to his safe zone before he scares off his fans. Hey, remember Free Smoke? Well, Drake completely forgot that he already talked about his achievements so here we go again for those in the slow seats.


Lose You

Man, what I want a song where Drake talks about his haters and his love for his crew! No, we haven’t heard songs in this album like this? So yeah here is Lose You where I am sure that Drake ever reuse lyrics as ‘callbacks’.


Can’t Have Everything

Man, Drake sure has it all, does he not? The money, fame, and any woman that he could want. I think there have been a few songs where he talked about that, so we obviously need one more because Drake has an ego as long as this album is.



So this is featuring Kanye West and Drake doing something that just made me quit listening to the track altogether. Auto-tune. This would have been different if everything in this track wasn’t just emo Drake and old school Kanye whining over emotions.