New Rules: Musical Review



“New Rules” by DuaLipa has been on the majority’s top 10 lists after it was released on August 2017 in the US. Before that, it was released in England as a single in July. It also boosts her career as a singer-composer and includes her in the most searched artist on Spotify. It talks about rules for those who had their breakups. 

Most of us have undergone a painful break up from a romantic relationship that can make us stagnant and immobile for some days. It is a very traumatic experience that we want to know the reasons why it has to end, who’s at fault, and simply, we want the emotional hardships to stop soon. In this song, DuaLipa shows the natural reaction of a girl during a heartbreak, her “wanting him back” sentiment, and being true to oneself. The lyrics pierce the heart of those who just got through a breakup, and it seems like it is so real that every word makes sense. It is somehow a post-breakup handbook that everything you need to know and how to get over with your ex is written here. 

Multiple friendship scenes can be seen in its music video such as girls hanging together, having fun in the swimming pool, and applying makeup as they comfort and encourage each other. These diverse groups of women support her in her every struggle and prevent her from having contact with his ex-lover. Later in the video, she learned to move on by avoiding the temptation of contacting her ex by realizing to herself that he is not deserving of her love and help another woman to do what she just did to her broken relationship. 

There are three guidelines, included in the chorus of the song, that she has set up for herself: “don’t pick up the phone,” “don’t let him in” and “don’t be his friend,” as a way to remind herself to avoid the attraction of an ex-lover and these statements must be kept until her feelings is completely gone. 

OneDon’t Pick Up The Phone.  


In the lyrics, the reason why a girl must not do that because her ex is bored and need someone to talk to. Words coming from his mouth might be untrue due to the effect of alcohol on his mind.  

TwoDon’t Let Him In. 

She must realize that accepting again your ex-has a higher possibility of having another heartbreak. He already does it to you so it will not be impossible that he can do the same thing to you again. 

ThreeDon’t Be His Friend. 


Most likely, he will treat you as a sex object that he can use whenever he wants to. As someone who had a sexual experience with your ex, it is challenging to say no to him even though you know that it is pure lust. 

“New Rules” will remain relevant in the incoming years because of its powerful message and the modernistic instrumentation in the song. It will be a big help for those who are the victim of this type of situation and may give them strength in overcoming it. Nevertheless, this song will remain engraved in the hearts of those who have undergone breakups and will be used as a future reference on their life.