Sia’s Chandelier Analysis

Before the hit song “Chandelier,” the name Sia was not known. She struggled in pushing her career specifically when her partner died in an accident. She turned to drugs, suffered depression and even planned to commit suicide. The use of drugs and alcohol was her escape. The song “Chandelier” was written during this tumultuous time


The song is about loneliness and suffering that accompanies the abuse of alcohol and other substances.  It tackles substance abuse as a form of escape; however, when morning comes, one wakes to the reality of loneliness. The “feeling the love” line signifies that party friends are only good time friends. When you have an addiction, the group of friends you harbor is often those who share a similar obsession with you.  Often, they are also self-absorbed with their problems and issues. Shame is felt and the realization that any addiction is a cyclic process. The child seen in her music video represents Sia’s inner self, and the untidy surroundings reflect the very desperate and lifeless state of her mind. The forced grins and the curtsies at the end of the video are the personae that she wants the world to know

According to the song, depression affects the totality of a person. It seems that a new person was created. So how can we avoid depression naturally?

  1. Have Sufficient Sleep.

Having enough sleep is an essential first step. Have a scheduled bedtime, early turn off the screens, and think of the positive things for you to feel sleepy. Sleep disturbances can affect our circadian rhythms that can cause depression. Avoiding such may have antidepressant effects in our body.



  1. Eat Fish

Fish contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that reduce the symptoms of depression. Examples of fishes that we can get these healthy fats are sardines, trout, and salmons. Other sources of omega-3s aside from fishes are walnuts and flaxseeds.

  1. Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Have you tried eating a snack that contains a significant amount of sugar, only to find yourself miserable and starving after 1 hour? A rise in the blood sugar that is followed by a sudden crash is a one-way ticket to a lousy mood. Sugar may have a more significant function in depression than what is initially thought. There is a highly significant correlation between depression rates and the consumption of sugar. Whether you’re fighting depression or just avoiding starvation, controlling your blood sugar to its minimum level is vital. Eat food that is rich in protein and makes sure to consume regular meals and snacks.



  1. Find A Reason To Live

Having a sense of purpose in life, boost your mood more than having enough sleep and eating healthy and nutritious foods. It was found out that people who have a sense of purpose in life can live up to 7 years longer than those who don’t. Find activities that will make you enjoy and give you a sense of purpose. It will improve your mood and reduce the risk of depression.