The Hidden Power Of Music


You will agree with me that everyone loves music regardless of race, color, age or gender. One can be observed playing music while driving a car, taking a bath, doing office work and even when sleeping. Music is such a common language that everyone can relate to but will depend on the personal preference of an individual on its genre, singer or words being portrayed by a song. Because of this, singers became one of the highest-paid professions in the world. Do we ask ourselves, “Why is everyone hooked to music?” Does it affect our life or just a plain vice that everyone tends to abuse?

Music Can Release Stress

“Stress can seem omnipresent. Between working, socializing and taking care of the home, it sometimes seems we don’t have a minute to ourselves, let alone enough time to really take care of our bodies and minds,” says Sonja Seglin, LCPC. However, Studies found out that music can decrease the anxiety and stress levels of patients in the hospital before they will undergo surgery and during their recovery. It helps them relax and deviate their minds from the possible result of their operation. It also boosts the quality of life to those on terminal stages of a disease such as cancer and helps them reduce their emotional distress. Pain can also lessen while listening to music. Accounts of some suicidal persons also described music as something that helps them accept life and live the most of it. Students like to listen to music while studying to relieve boredom or to increase their productivity while doing something.


Music Connects People

People who have a familiar favorite genre of music tend to understand each other. Music serves as a means for them to create a bond that no one can explain why. It also helps to mend broken friendships and relationships. Words in songs are like counselors that let the listener understand the situation and suggests things how to fix these misunderstandings. We are attracted to a particular singer, not because of his/her look but rather the way he/she is expressing his/her self and how the song is being delivered. There is something magical about it that we can relate to a love potion.

Music Creates Images


“Mind resting usually doesn’t mean to have no thoughts, but to slow down thoughts and give each thought less meaning. Resting is going into the body and allowing things to be as they are.” Andrea F. Polard, PsyD explains. That is why massage centers and spa use music as a way to relax their customers. Music with natural sounds such as gushing water from a stream, chirping of birds, and blow of wind is often heard on these centers. Even in a simple scenario, if we close our eyes, scenes related to the song that we are listening to flashes on our very eyes. Emotions can also be attached to a specific song. Every one of us listens to a particular song because it makes us happy or sad mainly when it is associated with a significant event in our lives. This will include the theme song of a couple, the song played during the funeral of a loved one, etc.

Music is essential to us. “Listening to music is a helpful way to cope with and process emotions. It can evoke a connection to what individuals feel at different moments in their lives.” Abigail Saneholtz, Psy.D said. Without it, we cannot imagine that our world will continue to evolve. It seems like our lives depend on it. It is already part of the human civilization that can be traced in our history lessons and continue to evolve until now and loved by the music enthusiasts.