DAMN Analysis


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There is a phrase that goes that the only way that you must not have heard of this is if you lived under a rock. Kendrick Lamar was able to make an album that twists the phrase. The only way that you might not have heard of this is if you have not been on the internet since April the 7th. The internet has been a buzz, and this article is going to find out why by dissecting his newest album piece by piece. If you are looking for a detailed critic of each song, then look somewhere else as each song will be taken apart for meaning, musical appeal, and lyrical depth. Read on if you want bite-sized bites of Kendrick new album, Damn (correctly written as DAMN):


Now, something that you will notice in the next few songs is that ever since Fox News took a hit at Kendrick (and rap at general), they have been on his hit list. If you do not know what they said, then listen to this track as Kendrick use this soundbite repeatedly in rhythm in this song. He tells the story of helping a blind woman only to get shot in return. One listen tells that this song is describing the age-old battle of good and evil for the modern age.



Outside of the soundbite, DNA and BLOOD could not be more different. In this song, he breaks the rap stereotype (Sex, money, murder – our DNA) with his twist (I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA). There is not much in the way of instrumental in this song, but it is supposed to be the backseat to his flowing verses. His flow hasn’t sounded better in ages, and it does not drop off in quality here.



The last sound to use the soundbite, or a version of it, from Fox, is used here but the sound is rather laid back with more instrumental. Kendrick has a focus on race and religion in this song as we start to get a stream of conscious type of rap here. This was a more experimental piece.

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If you are fans of LeBron James or James Blake, then this song has already been in your eye already. This song that instead of taking pot shots at Fox, he then turns to anyone who dares to challenge his self-proclaimed lyrically genius. Outside of the ego trip, there is an incredible piano backdrop through this entire piece.



This is a song that many of his fans can relate to since it features some of Kendrick’s self-doubts which always tend to rear its head in his songs. While some people might cringe at this, it adds a more human feel to the self-asserted god of rap. FEEL mostly features his isolation due to his fame and success.


LOYALTY (featuring Rihanna)

Out of all the experimental pieces, this one takes the cake and eats it all. Imagine a Bruno Mars sample, sped up, chopped, and reverse to somehow sound like California love. The songs seem to feature the two alternative personalities in this odd piece that is worth a listen.

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Imagine if Andre 300 and P-Funk had an ugly baby. Everything about this song screams forgettable as the effort starts to dip a little here.



If there is any song in this entire playlist that I am expecting the audience to have listened to, then it is HUMBLE. Ignoring the fact that it is being played to death on the radio, it is one of the most attention-grabbing song in this entire track.




Okay, so you caught me with my pants around my legs. There is not a track on this album that features Rat Boy, and if you have not heard of him, then it is okay. Kendrick assumes that you have not either as he straight up steals some lyrics and beats from his song ‘Knock Knock Knock’. Trust me. Apparently, it is all cool with Rat Boy.



Do you want to hear a Kendrick song that sounds like Drake rapped it? Well, here you go because this is a Kendrick love song and has all of the emotional appeals of Drake being angsty.



And if you were worried about the dip in quality then here it goes, and the last song does something wonderful. It is even worst as U2 just makes a sharp contrast to Kendrick that brings out their worst qualities as they talk about the American dream. Hope you like unforgettable jazz.



This one is just downright embarrassing as many speculate rather this was Kendrick with auto-tune, crooning and a ‘trap’ beat. It was as if he only called it all in and gave up right near the end of the album. This is why you don’t set obituary deadlines, people, and put all of your good songs first.