Effects Of Addiction On Expectant Mothers And Her Baby


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Pregnant mothers are often told to refrain from taking medications.    Some drugs are safe, and some drugs are harmful.  Some can pose a danger to both the mother-to-be and the unborn baby.  But what if the expectant mother is an addict who gets pregnant while abusing illicit drugs.  Is it something she should worry about?  What should she do? How can she quit abusing drugs?  Can she withstand the process?

Effects Of Addiction To The Baby

Everything that a woman takes in her body affects the baby.  As much as the expectant mother can develop complications from her substance addiction, it also has many adverse effects on unborn babies and infants.   Depending on the substance abused, many problems may arise.

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  • Having miscarriage or stillbirth is possible.
  • Premature labor can occur.
  • Baby can have lower birth weight when born.
  • Some babies may die of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  • Others babies may develop congenital disabilities.
  • They may manifest having neurological defects and psychological defects as they are growing up.
  • It is also possible to pass on the drugs to the baby. It can cause the baby to have a dependence on substances.


What Should An Expectant Mother Do When He Finds Out She Is Pregnant?

Medical detox is the safest way to go.   Detox is removing toxins from the body. The mother should do it under medical supervision.   Find a doctor whom you can be comfortable with to guide you through the detoxification process.  A pregnant woman needs unique treatment plan both for her and the baby.

Many factors need to be considered before the detox starts.  The doctor needs to know the level of abuse, the substance used, and the mother’s health and psychiatric history.   Depending on all this, the doctor will determine the best detox needed.


Avoid Self-Detox

Avoid considering self-detox.  Self-detox also called “quitting cold turkey” should be avoided as this poses the excellent risk and can even lead to loss of life.  Relapse is a severe effect of self-detoxification.  When undergoing detox, the mother’s body will start to have lower tolerance or even lost tolerance on the substance that was abused.

Relapsing and using the substance again at the same level may cause the expectant mother to have drug overdose and this may lead to death.


Help Yourself To Save Your Baby

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“Will the process be safe for the baby?”

“Can I tolerate the abrupt change that will happen?”

“What if I relapse?”


Detoxification and weaning from the use of illicit drugs are not secure.  Many questions will continue to arise as a drug addict mother-to-be is contemplating on undergoing detox or not.   It is okay to ask questions.  If having doubts, it is still best to seek help and advice from the professionals and treatment specialists.  They can make you understand better the importance of undergoing the detoxification.  Specialists can also explain more explicitly the danger drug addiction poses to the mother and the baby.


Any addiction can wreak havoc in the mother’s life and the baby.   Addiction has many potential complications that might endanger the presence of both the expectant mother and the baby.  Think of the baby’s welfare and get free from the grip of addiction.  Help is available.  As soon as you know you’re pregnant, weigh your options and decide.