I’m The One Review


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The chances are that you have heard I’m The One because of just the sheer number of famous artist that DJ Khaled was able to get on this song. Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper, and Quavo are all household names that anyone who listens to music has heard of. Believe it or not, these names are not the reason this song is famous. One look at the video and you will see the most shameless product placement that you have ever seen in your life. Oh, and not just one product, as there are many frames of different product names on display with even some blurred out because they did not fork up the dough but let us dissect this song.


On The Surface

Okay, so there is one thing that deserves the spotlight in this song and outshines the rest of it. It is the music video as you will never see as much product placement in your entire life. To soak it all in, here are all the products that are in the video: Beats, Ralph Lauren, Supreme, Yung Rich Nation, Billionaire Boys Club, 3 New Era, Ciroc (Summer Colada), Belaire Luze, Bumbu Rum, Kandy Pens, God Save Queens, Young Money Entertainment, Nike, and Rolls Royce. If you still are unconvinced that this is just one huge advertisement, then this does not even cover the various blurred products or even half of the shoes that I could have selected to list off. The best part, nonetheless, is how shameless and viewed all of these brands are shown! They aren’t even clever about it!


Lyrically Deeper

Well, there is not much hope for the song lyrics since even the title does not make sense. Now, it would if only one person was saying that they were the one, more fittingly DJ Khaled, then this would not be an issue. Everyone is saying this phrase that makes up well over half of the lyrics. What are the rest? The pre-chorus (ignoring every mention of the words ‘I’m the One’) is nonsensical lyrics about money, imitators and the time of day followed by an unmentionable chorus?


Quavo has the first verse that starts out with him shouting his name which is the most creative thing that he does here. Talking about old times and his fame (very loosely), he does not say anything worthwhile before they repeat the silly pre-chorus again. Verse 2 is by Chance, and besides talking about sex and calling his girl a bitch, there is not much to say about his verse. Pre-chorus and chorus which we are still refusing to talk about, then Lil Wayne has his turn. He takes what the other two are talking about, then adds drugs to the mix because he is pretty much here to cash a check.


So lastly, the same old song and dance of pre-chorus and chorus, they are trying to fill time for all the products, then you have the outro that is done by Justin Bieber and DJ Khaled. First and foremost, all DJ Khaled does (and has been doing) is shouting “I’m the one” which is why we have not mentioned him as Justin Bieber only have this to say at the end, “Don’t you know, girl? (x2) I am the one for you”. Nothing else.

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Musical Appeal

So look past the music video and lyrics then you have a fantastic beat here. You can tell they divided the money between the production and the products. Apparently, they didn’t pay the rappers enough to bring their A-game but mostly their faces. Seriously ignore the video, the rappers, and the products (so just close your eyes and find the instrumental) to hear a good song that is albeit repetitive but isn’t this entire song?


The Verdict

So if I had to rate this song, then it would get a 0.5 out of five because the only salvageable thing about this song is the music and the asses of the girls that they decided to get in their video however many songs have to manage to do those two things as well as have lyrics. The phrase, “I am the one” (not even counting the times they turned the phrase) is said over thirty times (I counted thirty-three), but I am sure that I under-counted. To justify my score, let us see if anyone will be talking about this song a year from now, shall we?