My Music Therapy: Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next


I was a tag along during the 2019 Music Therapy Conference. The music therapist was my best friend, Gigi, and not me. I am a skin care consultant, and because I owed Gigi my time, she asked me to accompany her to this conference. At first, I was bummed out when she pulled out the “you-owe-me” card and said, “Come with me to the music conference.” I was like, “What??? Seriously? What am I going to do there?” When she said that she just needed my presence, I understood. My oldest and dearest friend needed my support.

And so I went, and it was okay. I was not that bored, and I may have picked up a thing or two about music therapy. They now use music as a tool for counseling or therapy. That’s so cool. I also heard that this was backed up by scientific evidence and that music therapy can improve one’s way of life. If this is true, then, in my mind, sign me up! I need an improvement in my life.

It was so fresh to me back then. When Gigi brought me to the conference, I have been separated from my husband for a couple of months. I did not let her see my pain because she hated him ever since we were in college. I only understood her hatred for him when we parted ways. Gigi saw him kissing another girl, and she confronted him about it. She never told me what she saw while we were together, and he never changed. I think this was for the best. My divorce hearing is soon, and he is not contesting. He also gave me money. It was compensation for the three years of marriage. Anyway, it is okay. Life goes on. And that’s that.


After the conference, Gigi played Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next. And it goes like this:

She taught me love (love)

She taught me patience (patience)

How she handles pain (pain)

That shit’s amazing (yeah, she’s amazing)

I’ve loved and I’ve lost (yeah, yeah)

But that’s not what I see (yeah, yeah)

Because look what I’ve found (yeah, yeah)

Ain’t no need for searching, and for that, I say

Thank you, next (thank you, next)

Thank you, next (thank you, next)

Thank you, next (thank you)

I’m so ____ grateful for my ex

Thank you, next (thank you, next)

Thank you, next (said thank you, next)

Thank you, next (next)

I’m so ____ grateful for my ex


We looked at each other and laughed. Ari’s right. That is me—my therapy.