Passionfruit Review



Passionfruit, part of Drake’s More Life Album, is a song that tries to push you away in the intro and doesn’t do much better afterward. Just in the intro alone, you will hear the word fuck, and variants of it, a total of six times and that doesn’t even include the word shit. Then it takes a left turn by tossing curse words out the window to just repeating itself, but if you think that we gave the entire song away right now. then let us see how it stands up to our dissection.

On The Surface

Okay, so if you are going to have very shallow lyrics, then don’t try to do anything pretentious with the video. Drake has all of my respect for this, though he might lose all of his respect for me as I tell you this video in bullet points of interest instead of something chronological. Trust me– the order that you see them listed here makes as much sense as it does in the video:


*Let us call this actress “the woman” since that’s what her role was boiled down to in this flick. Four times you see her do four impossible things: masturbate on a mountain top, walking a puma (cheetah?), burning a tree in the desert, and seducing Drake. I see what you did there.


*Drake will never leave this bed for the entirety of the video and is a metaphor for the amount of effort he did in said video.


*The woman will show off every part of her body no matter what the situation from crying in the middle of the dessert to seducing who I will call Drake’s father?


*A fantastic scene where we then see Drake’s father get killed to sobering lyrics.


Don’t know about you but I loved this music video!


Lyrically Deeper

Let’s not talk about the intro. You already know it and there nothing else to say. So in Verse 1, Drake is just obviously talking about how he can no longer feel the same connection with his wife/spouse/girlfriend/whatever. Simple and to the point without any vagueness then followed by a catchy rhyming chorus. Verse 2, builds on Verse 1 by telling the listening that this is a long distance relationship to which is the reason that they are falling apart. It also implies a lack of trust before going back to the chorus that now hammers that home. Then it just ends. A bit disappointing but it is better than him continuing when he has nothing else to say. I feel as if the outro is even a nod to this: “Um, trying to think of the right thing to say.”


Musical Appeal

Now the music compliments the lyrics well. The beat and flow are just making love which fits the theme of the song well. The kind of sexy vibe that you get from the music makes you want to wiggle your shoulders along with the chorus. You don’t even have to understand the lyrics to like them because there isn’t much depth to the lyrics.


The Verdict

So you are probably expecting me to give this a five out of five since this has been a glowing review? Nope, 3.5. While good, the song felt as if it was a little too short but not regarding length alternatively lyrically. It felt as if he was saying each word as slow as possible to draw out the time. Perhaps if instead of having the lyrics after Verse 2, that he could have added a specialty outro that gives the song a surprising amount of depth. Then there is the music video that uncomfortably straddles the line between profound and silly for me. Let’s not even talk about the shitty outro or the overt sexualization as if we need more of that in the music video industry. I could have forgiven the over sexualization if only he chose between depth or silliness (silliness being the better choice given the lyrics). Perhaps from actually doing something about the murder that he just threw in there or he even could have made this, along with the woman, much more humorous than they appeared. Instead, just like he did in the music video, he chose to do nothing.