We’re Back


Welcome Back to Daniz

We began creating blogs in 2010 about how music affects mental health & addiction issues and how it helps for recovery. We am not sure exactly why we started. Maybe loneliness, vanity, a cry for help, a way to stay accountable or all of the above. People thanked us for speaking out because it helped them to not feel so alone to know that someone else was going through the same things.

We also received messages from family members of people that have BPD and other mental health issues thanking us because we helped them to better understand their family member. Our new motives for blogging became to raise awareness about mental health issues, end the stigma surrounding them, and to provide support for people living with them.


We have worked hard to stay healthy and over time things began to improve. If you want to learn more about recovery plan you can read this blog post we wrote for all of you.


We are in a new, healthier phase in life now and we want our blog and posts to reflect that. We will be covering a wider range of subjects in my blogging rather than just mental health. We love biology, music, poetry, photography and so many other things. That is what this site will reflect.


Thank you for reading and for visiting!